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About Lanco Adhesives

About Lanco Adhesives

With our 20th Anniversary celebration in October 2013, the Lanco Adhesives team is more excited than ever to continue our journey at the pinnacle of customer support. With two of the most reputable technical managers in the industry and our world-class product line, Lanco is proud to be recognized as a leader of packaging adhesives in North America. We welcome you to be a part of our journey over the next 20 years and look forward to providing you with the level of support that defines Lanco Adhesives.

Lanco Adhesives /lan'ko ad-he'-zivs/, (n.) ©1993   1. a knowledgeable adhesives company; 2. provides expert advice regarding new developments designed to improve operations and lower over-all production costs; 3. reliable supplier; 4. full laboratory and technical service capabilities; 5. one-day lead-times.

See also: dependable


Meet Our Technical Directors

  • Gary Maaks
    Liquid Adhesives
  • Chuck Cline
    Hot Melt Adhesives

Gary Maaks is a graduate of Millikin University, Decatur, Ill. where he began his training in Chemistry. For over 36 years Gary has focused his attention to the adhesive industry mainly in the packaging, converting, and structural assembly industries. Gary was also instrumental in the development of adhesives throughout his career specifically high speed envelope adhesives and tube winding technology still used today.

Whether it is helping you select the right product for your process, assisting in process improvement recommendations, or training and education, Gary is ready to bring his years of experience to you.

Chuck Cline is a graduate of Lafayette College with a degree in Chemistry who has over 40 years of experience in product development and technical service involving liquid, hot melt, and PUR adhesives for packaging and converting with National Starch and Chemical.

He is a pioneer in developing and marketing low temperature hot melts specifically COOL BIND and PUR for the bookbinding industry and remains one of the foremost authorities in bookbinding today. Chuck continues to remain active in various bookbinding associations.



Why DO our customers choose Lanco Adhesives?

No automated voice-answering system

When you call Lanco during our hours of operation, you will always be greeted by an actual human being who will take your order, answer your questions or direct your call to the appropriate party.

We handle small accounts like a big account

The satisfaction of each of our customers is important to us at Lanco.  Whether you need 1 lb. or 10,000 lbs, we will do our best to get you the perfect glue for your application in a timely manner.

No minimum orders

At Lanco we understand that each project not only needs certain glue, specially designed for each application, but a certain quantity as well.  Therefore, there is no order too large or too small.  Our aim is to make your purchase right for you.

Special labeling

It is our job to know what item numbers work for each of your applications.  That is why we offer special labeling of our items to correspond with the project or line it is used for, if need be.

Same day shipping

The glue you use is an integral part of your product production.  To ensure that your lines keep running we can ship your glue on the same day that you order.